Initially, Well Bred Design was a fun little sideline in dog themed cards and prints while I was working full-time as a web designer. I really enjoyed working on 'real' products and left full-time work in February 2014 to see if I could make a go of the business.

All of my products are designed to celebrate the pets, people and places we love and I hope that when someone receives one of my products as a gift they will feel special and considered.

Boy and Border Collie Puppy

For as long as I can remember I always wanted a dog. At last, when I was 5, we welcomed a Border Collie pup called Bonnie into the family. She was a best friend and constant companion and I loved her so much. In 2019 I had a tree planted in her memory and I was surprised to find it really moving even 20 years later. I know how special a relationship with a pet can be which helps me when designing products for other dog and cat lovers.

It’s important to me that you’ll be happy with your purchase so I spend a lot of time sourcing the best quality materials. Many of my products can be personalised with a dog’s name or breed so if it feels extra special to anyone receiving it as gift.

I’ve recently started collaborating with other dog-loving designers to provide a wider choice of products and plan to keep adding to my own ranges so look out for lots of lovely things coming soon!