Cards & Gifts for Basset Hound Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for a Basset Hound lover? We've got something for you!

The cheerful and easygoing Basset Hound gets along with pretty much anyone. While they are generally good natured, they can be stubborn and have a mind of their own.. particularly when food is involved!

Browse our selection of lovely Basset Hound gifts and cards available to buy in our online shop including a Basset Hound character traits print, personalised map print and a range of Basset Hound themed cards.

Basset Hound Dog Breed Traits Print

A lovely typography print featuring the common character traits of a Basset Hound. Each design features an illustration of the dog in silhouette and six different common characteristics of the breed in a carefully selected range of typefaces.

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Basset Hound Dog Breed Traits Print

Personalised Prints

Our range of prints can be fully customised with your own choice of dog breed and wording and they make a unique and special gift for a Basset Hound lover!

Basset Hound Map Print

Personalised Basset Hound Map Print

A fun and unique map of your chosen location placed within a silhouette of a Basset Hound.

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Family Print with Dog

Personalised Family Print With Any Dog Breed

A lovely illustrated print featuring a choice of dog(s) in a woodland scene with your family's individual names hanging from the branches.

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Personalised Greeting Cards

Our own range of greeting cards can be personalised with any dog breed for a variety of recipients and occasions including birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas and condolences for the loss of a beloved pet.

Best Dog Dad Ever card

Personalised 'Best Dog Dad Ever' Father's Day Card From The Dog

Best Dog Mum Ever card

Personalised 'Best Dog Mum Ever' Mother's Day Card from the dog

Funny Dog Years Card

Dog Years Birthday Card with ANY Dog Breed

Best Dog Ever card

Personalised 'Best Dog Ever' Birthday Card for the Dog

Best Grandma Ever card

Personalised 'Best Grandma/Nanny etc Ever' Mother's Day Card for Grandmothers

Best Grandad Ever card

Personalised 'Best Grandad Ever' Father's Day Card for Grandads

Dog Bereavement Card

Personalised 'Sorry for your loss' Dog Loss Sympathy Card

Valentines Card for dog lovers

Personalised 'I Love You Almost As Much As The Dog' Valentine's Day Card